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For cooking on a bursting hot barbecue, we like the 16-inch Winco UT-16HT Extra Heavyweight Utility Tongs since they’re agreeable, simple to utilize, and durable—and furthermore long enough to keep your hands an agreeable good ways from the blazes. Sam Sifton called these top entertainers “great.” A reward: They’re likewise the most reasonable utensils of the considerable number of models we tried. The Winco utensils have an agreeable “spread” when open, and the spring gives simply enough opposition, so your hands don’t get exhausted when barbecuing for a group; numerous different utensils are excessively firm grill accessories and rapidly tire out your hands. Among the utensils we tried, the restricted edge of the Winco model’s scalloped heads gave the most control while snatching thin asparagus lances or dangerous sauce-loaded chicken pieces. Conversely, the wide-calculated heads on numerous contenders don’t let you get little stuff. Sifton noticed, “The 16-inch is your standard summer go-to for summer barbecuing, and I use them reciprocally inside and outside.” Winco’s uncompromising tempered steel utensils are sufficiently strong to safely grasp enormous cuts of meat and are dishwasher safe.

The main minuscule defects with the Winco utensils are that they don’t have a ring for hanging or a lock for capacity. We don’t think these are dealbreakers, however, on the grounds that, as Wirecutter supervisor Tim Heffernan put it, you can “simply sling them over the closest handle on your flame broil.” With a value well beneath $10, the Winco utensils are a fantastic worth.

In the event that you need bolting utensils with a hanging circle, the OXO Good Grips 16″ Grilling Tongs are a decent option in contrast to our top pick. The locking system doesn’t slip, and the ample hanging circle lets you effectively drape the pair on a flame broil side table. Despite the fact that the OXO utensils had the most extensive “spread” of all the utensils we tried, which every one of our analyzers discovered lumbering, the daintily tensioned spring was simple for us to close. That implies less hand weakness—a main problem when you’re cooking a flame broil of food.

The scalloped heads aren’t as firmly calculated as on our top pick, so little things aren’t as simple to grasp; during testing with the OXO utensils, we had a couple of asparagus setbacks. OXO’s utensils additionally incorporate the padded holds that have gotten equal with the Good Grips line. For our analyzers, this element incited life span concerns, driving Sam Sifton to call attention to, “Elastic and high warmth have no spot in a similar sentence. It’s an entirely worthy pair [of tongs], however the elastic will bomb first

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